How do I get to Boracay?

How long will it take to get to Boracay?
How much Is it going to cost me to Boracay?
Should I go somewhere closer to Boracay?
I don’t have much time, is too far away from Boracay?

All these questions and probably more, flash through your mind at some stage. Well let me tell you right now exactly what is involved in travel to Boracay.

There are two main types of transport that will get you to Boracay, in fact you really need a combination of the two.

You can either fly or take a ferry.

 You cannot fly directly to Boracay Island, as Boracay Island does not have an airport, only in Boracay International Airport in Caticlan across Boracay Island.

Manila to Boracay - Plane

The quickest way to travel to Boracay Island, is to take a plane from Manila domestic terminal and fly to the island of Panay in the Visayas. The two flight options you have, is to fly directly to either Caticlan or Kalibo on Panay Island.

 The flight time to either city is 1 hour. The airlines that travel to either Caticlan or Kalibo are:

  • Philippine Airlines (PR) -Asia’s First Airline-is the longest established airline service in the Philippines. Not only does it run flights domestically but also to over 40 international destinations. With more than 21 domestic destinations, Philippines air travel is well and truly catered for.  PAL runs a very professional operation, where you will feel safe and secure. You'll never be disappointed travelling with Philippine Airlines 


  • Cebu Pacific ( 5J )- With 33 destinations throughout the Philippine Islands and 50 International destinations.  It is the biggest flag carrier of the Philippines. 

  • AirAsia (PQ/Z2)- Want some cheap fun? Boracay is the place to be!Air Asia offers the cheapest flight to the island. People usually choose to land in Kalibo because of the cheap flights.The recent partnership of Zest Air and Air Asia made a new portal for Asia´s best low cost airline. The Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) approved Air Asia Zest as the new brand name of Zest Airways Inc. CAB also approved the new logo of Zest Airways Inc, wherein the Zest name has been incorporated to the iconic red hot circle, which is signature logo of Air Asia. 

  • TigerAir (DG)- now Cebu Pacific-Tigerair Philippines is now a part of the Cebu Pacific Family as the Philippine operations was acquired from the singapore based company by Cebu Pacific.  The plane departs and lands at Terminal 4 which is the old domestic airport in Manila. 

The best flight is via Caticlan. The planes are smaller, maybe not so good to some, but the flip side is the planes do not fly quite as high and the view is absolutely awesome! The other benefit is that Caticlan is the jump off port to catch a ferry or banca boat to Boracay Island, so the short transfer time from plane to ferry is minimal, no more than 10 minutes. Flights to Kalibo are by Airbus A320 or Boeing 737 aircraft. From Kalibo you have a 1 ½ to 2 hour trip by air conditioned bus or private mini van, which will take you to Caticlan. 

Once you have reached Caticlan, you have a twenty minute banca trip to Boracay Island. 

The banca trip / Ferry will drop you off at Cagban Terminal. If you travel to Boracay during June to November you may encounter rough weather on the western side of Boracay, where White Beach is. This is due to the Northwest Monsoon. During this period, depending on the weather there could be a few changes to your travel arrangements. The banca boats / Ferry leave Caticlan port and drop passengers off to the east part of Boracay called Tambisaan.You will be arriving directly onto the beach. Be prepared to ware footing that is easily removed or that will not be damaged if they get wet, because you will have to disembark into the water. Whilst not deep, the water can be up to your knees. From Tambisaan Port your resort will arrange transportation for you. If you have not arranged any accommodation then the short trip across the island can be made in one of the tricycles that are always waiting patiently for custom.

 Manila to Boracay - Ferry

Travel to Boracay can also be made by ferry.

  • 2GO-9:00 PM departure time.Batangas Port Terminal 2 The Ferries ain't flashy, but well kept. It's air-conditioned, and could get darn cold when uncrowded. There's a 7-11, a cafeteria, even a massage stall. Smokers may go out for a drag, just ask the guard where. Once all the passengers are settled in, a safety demo is conducted by one of the 2GO crew staff(is also shown on the flat LCD screens at the lobby).The cabin and state rooms is good for four. Each cabin/state room has a flat screen LCD TV and an en suite bathroom with hot and cold shower. Nine-hour journey. "The journeys is the destination" as what 2Go travel says.



Another way to get from Manila to Boracay is to take an air conditioned bus from Manila to Batangas. 

 By Land:

The Strong Nautical Highway is a both an overland route and a series of Roll-on/Roll-off ferries. The trip is 16-20 hours with stopovers and dependant on sea conditions. It's locally known as the RORO Boracay route. (A/C bus 1500 PhP)

LAND Manila -> Cubao | 2 hours
 Cubao -> Batangas | 3-4 hours
 Batangas -> Calapan | 2-3 hours
 Calapan -> Roxas | 2-3 hours
 Roxas -> Caticlan | 4-5 hours

  •  Montenegro Shipping- (Roxas - Caticlan ) with 3 1/2 hours travel time. 3 trips a day departing Roxas at 4:00AM, 10:00AM and 8:00PM. (Caticlan - Roxas) with 3 1/2 hours travel time. 3 trips a day departing Caticlan at 2:00am, 10:00AM and 4:00PM

  •  Starlite Ferries, Inc.- (Roxas-Caticlan) with 4 hours travel time. 3 trips a day departing Roxas at 2:00AM, 11:00PM and 2:00AM. (Caticlan to Roxas) with 4 hours travel time. 3 trips a day departing Caticlan at 8:00AM, 4:00PM and 8:00PM.

  • Asian Marine Transport Corporation- (Roxas to Caticlan) with 4 hours travel time. 2 trips a day departing Roxas at 12:30AM and 12:30PM. (Caticlan to Roxas) with 4 hours travel time. 2 trips a day departing Caticlan at 5:30AM and 5:30PM.


  •  Boracay International airport to Caticlan Port - After getting out of the newly constructed airport, there will be a line up of Motor Tricycles. The ride costs 50 PhP per trike for the five-minute trip to the port.
  •  Caticlan Port to Boracay Port - The Jetty Port has Bangka pump boats that ferry between the Caticlan mainland and Boracay Island from 5:00 in the morning to 10:00 in the evening. Flights are now coming into Kalibo all night, so the Bangkas are running all night. You may need to charter a Bangka for 2500 PhP (nighttime) . The Bangka trip is 30 PhP, however non-residents also pay a 75 PhP environmental fee, and a 100 PhP Terminal fee. You need to purchase these tickets outside the Jetty Port before you enter. The trip from mainland to the island is 10 minutes. If you have heavy luggage, there are porters to assist you at 20 PhP per luggage.
  •  Boracay Port to White Beach - Depending on the season, you will arrive at one of two Boracay Ports - Cagban Port in the High Season and Tambisaan Port in the Low Season. In low season you will likely get your shoes wet. The distance from either port to White Beach is about ten minutes. There will be a long line of Motortrikes to take you from the port to White Beach. This trip is 100 PhP per trike, more if you look like a foreigner. Agree to the price ahead of time. The trikes are now displaying price sheets.
  • White Beach - The Motortrikes cannot go to the actual beach, but will leave you on the Main Road with a path that leads down to White Beach. You will likely need to walk down the path from the main road. The Motortrike drivers should know the right place to drop you off. Call our office if you aren't sure. We can help.

 Getting Around

From Caticlan Port, you will take the banca (pumpboat:photo left) to Boracay Island Port (Cagban Beach). This is a 10 minute boat trip, and boats depart frequently in both directions all day. When you arrive in Boracay, you will need to take a motortrike from Cagban to White Beach (ten minutes/125 PHP).You will get dropped off on the main road, and make your way to White Beach. The whole trip from the mainland to your resort should be less than an hour, and the route is very standard. Just follow the tourists. There are plenty of porters to help you with heavy baggage (20 PHP per piece).

Most visitors to Boracay stay on the White Beach on the footpath and travel by foot. It's an hour and a half walk from one end of the beach to the other. Motor vehicles are not allowed on the footpath and beach. There are motorbikes with sidecars (trike:photo left) on the main road running parallel to White Beach. The fare between boat stations is 10 PHP. You can also hire a trike and driver to take you around the island for 200 PHP/Hour. This is a good way to visit other beaches such as Puka Shell Beach, or the highest point on Boracay, Mt. Luho View Point. You can also rent a motorcycle from the vendors on White Beach, however they are quite expensive. Wear a helmet and go slow. Most hotels these days have air conditioned vans to service their guests.

You can also Island Hop around the island by Paraw, native canoe type sailboat (photo left). They are all over White Beach and should be 700 PHP per hour with crew. Go directly to the actual boat station 1 or 3 and talk to the boatmen for best prices. Popular rides are to Puka Shell Beach, sunset cruise, or up and down White Beach. There are also ATVs available for rent on the main road past station one, as well as off road buggies. They cannot be driven on the main road parallel to White Beach.