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Price starts at ₱ 6800 per person

Tirta Spa has an extensive menu of spa services as well as a variety of signature treatments for both men and women, including full-body massage therapies, body polish and wrap treatments, facials, holistic therapies and body therapy packages. All these services are performed by highly trained and dedicated spa therapists.

Inspired by our own natural resources and influences drawn from other Asian cultures and techniques, our treatments are carefully executed and specifically designed to leave you feeling completely rejuvenated and refreshed.



Tirta Spa’s holistic a la carte treatments and packages, focus not only on aesthetic benefits, but, importantly, on the therapeutic, detoxifying aspects that achieve balance for the body, mind and soul. Most spas offer one "special treatment," implying, therefore, that their other treatments are not particularly special! At Tirta Spa each of our therapies is designed for the specific needs of an individual client, with each client as important as the next. We offer luxurious packages designed specifically for couples and honeymooners, sports therapy for those who enjoy more active days and a traditional Filipino retreat that emphasizes the principles of ancient Philippine remedies, practiced for centuries by generations before us.

Holistic Massages

Massage refers to the power of touch and is an ancient form of simple healing, said to have originated in the East, as traced from its presence in Egyptian tomb paintings and Chinese, Japanese and Indian texts. Massage is a treatment that involves kneading, rubbing, stroking and pressing the skin and muscles, either for therapeutic purposes or simply as an aid to relaxation.

At Tirta Spa, we offer a form of scented touch therapy using synergistic blends of carrier oils and pure essential oils. Massage helps to improve the circulatory and lymphatic systems, relaxes muscles and provides a host of other significant healing benefits.


Any massage treatment that you have chosen begins with a foot scrub ritual, whilst, sitting on a large sofa bed, you enjoy drinking hot ginger tea and relax with the scent of our hot lavender towel.



1 Hour & 30 Minutes

2 Hours


This is a compilation of aroma therapeutic massage, Swedish massage, lymphatic drainage & foot reflexology. It’s a highly therapeutic treatment, but absolutely not a hard massage. It is based on the desire for deep relaxation through the use of high quality essential oil blends and is also good for emotional balance. Your own choice of pure aroma therapeutic oils will also aid in relaxing the muscles, restoring health and encouraging feelings of well-being.



1 Hour & 30 Minutes

2 Hours


Hilot is an ancient Filipino therapeutic massage. The treatment begins with the therapist scanning your back, searching for imbalances in your body. Then, any tension detected in the body will be relieved by the therapist slowly applying pressure to those specific pressure points of the body which need to be de-stressed. This will bring balance to one’s entire being. Applying the therapeutic oil that you select supplements the Hilot treatment and helps to regulate the body’s temperature. Combining chiropractic methods and ancient Filipino meditation techniques, the Tirta Hilot not only helps to alleviate muscle tension, but is also a remedy for easing painful joints and generally assists in preventing illness.



1 Hour & 30 Minutes

2 Hours


After a day of exerting yourself in the sun, whether scuba diving, rowing, playing beach volleyball, golf or wind & kite surfing, treat yourself to Tirta Spa’s latest therapy, aimed squarely at those who enjoy more active days. Tirta sports massage, uses techniques that ease the muscular tension brought on by strenuous sporting activities. Using synergistic blends of ginger and black pepper in our specially-blended massage oils, to help speed-up recovery.



1 Hour & 45 Minutes

Pamper your body with a special blend of herbs and spices wrapped in a muslin cloth then lavishly applied and massaged into your body. The rich exotic scents of the herbs work to envelop, soothe and relax as the massage is performed on tensed muscles and other affected areas.




1 Hour & 45 Minutes


Inspired by the ancient Hawaiian practice of using lava stones, smooth stones of varying temperatures are strategically placed on energy points of the body, to aid in spiritual grounding. The heat from the stones will deeply penetrate the body, making this therapy an excellent choice for easing stiff joints and for muscular relaxation after strenuous sports. It also helps to regulate blood flow, relieve stress and lift depression.



1 Hour

1 Hour & 30 Minutes


The reflex zones of the feet are given the loving attention they deserve with the strategic application of finger-point pressure. This generates the smooth flow of energy, improving circulation and easing discomfort. Before the massage, your feet will be scrubbed and oils are dropped into a warm foot soak.



2 Hours


Head massage, whole body signature massage and foot reflexology.



1 hr & 30 mins

The warmth that the seashells emit and the energy of the vibrations from the frequency that they transmit. The warming energy of the seashells helps to revitalize and rebalance the body, mind and soul. Once the therapy is completed, the shells will have absorbed all the imbalances and negativity in the body and your chi energy within is balanced once again.

Continued use of this hot sea-shell therapy at home, combined with the use of pure aromatherapy oil, blended by our certified aroma therapist, Ms En Calvert, will encourage a lasting, all-round feeling of well-being. The secret for eternal youth.


Lastly, the sea-shells act as an exfoliate, complementing a seaweed body mask treatment .



Hot Puka Shell Massage Combination

2 hours


Heated shell combined with Hilot massage. The warmth that the seashells emit and the energy of the vibrations from the frequency that they transmit, inspire a state of deep relaxation and holistic meditation. This treatment will most certainly reduce stress and anxiety, lift depression, remove toxins from one's cells and enhance blood flow, thereby unlocking bad energy.


Combination of Massages

2 hours

Fusion touches of massage techniques chosen by your assigned therapist according to your specific needs.



 Head-To-Toe Massage

2 hours

Combination of Foot Reflexology and a Tirta Signature Massage. Before your massage, your feet will be scrubbed and dipped into a foot soak of warm water and aromatherapy oil, enabling the smooth flow of energy, improving circulation and easing discomfort.


Scalp rituals and Massage

2 hours


Pure Aromatherapy Hot Oil Scalp Treatment with Hair Cream Spa and full body massage Well-blended pure aromatherapy oil is heated and gently massaged into the scalp, for deep relaxation and symmetry.

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