₱ 2,500


Much like waterskiing, wakeboarding provides extra advantages that snowboarders and surfers may recognize right away in this activity. Many first timers in Boracay recognize the similarity of this sport to surfing and snowboarding. In fact, wakeboarding is a lot more like snowboarding because of the flexibility of the board. Instead of two skiis which tend to keep you in a straight line, you can twist and turn behind the boat and even flip yourself upside down in ways you never imagined. 

Boracay is one of the most popular places in the Philippines to go wakeboarding and the sport has gained special recognition.

Of course, in Boracay, you are left to your own devices with Mother Nature and the boat which tows you through the water but the motorboats will certainly have enough horsepower for the wildest experts in the business. If you like the extreme sensation of snowboarding without the danger of hitting a tree or flying off a cliff, wakeboarding is definitely for you. The waves from the motorboat and the natural ocean waves can still get extremely tricky even for the experts and you are going to get some great practice for the winter season when you decide to take up snowboarding as well. Don’t miss out on this great watersport in Boracay. Wakeboarding is certainly something to give you a thrill.


Adult: 2,500.00Php (15 mins.)

Adult: 4,200.00Php (30 mins)

Adult: 7,000.00Php (1hr)

* Additional 500.00Php for first timer guest (per insturction)

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