Hacienda Maria Amazing Panay Island Tour


₱ 2,500/ person minimum of 4


Price: 2,500 per pax, minimum of 4 pax (inclusions: transportation, guide, entrance ticket, lunch)

Price: 3,000 per pax, minimum of 4 pax (if russian-speaking guide is required)

Duration: 9:00 - 16:00 


Caving. Explore the beauty of Philippine caves and nature. Here, the Guests could choose among the 2 caves in the Hacienda. Each cave is unique and varies in size, deepness, beauty and complexity. The 1st cave is recommended  for kids, older tourists or regular tourists who prefer the easy way in and out of the cave. The second cave is recommended for tourists who prefer a more complex path. Both caves have beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. 

Hot Pot Jacuzzi. What an exotic way to soak in a big pot on an open fire! The water temperature in the pot is regulated to make it pleasantly warm and just the right temperature to soothe tired feet and muscles. This bath/spa procedure helps relieve muscle pains, promotes good blood circulation, skin rehydration and detoxification. 

Traditional coconut wine production. The Philippines has vast coconut plantations and therefore one of our top  export products is coconut. The coconut tree, dubbed as the tree of life, has many uses from its roots to the  leaves. One of which is the coconut wine. Here, the Guests will see the process of making this wine, from sorting  and gathering the right age of coconuts, distilling the juices and packaging of finish products. And certainly, the  most awaited part is that Guests are free to taste the different flavors of this wine: original, bubblegum, pineapple,  wild berries and more. Aside from wine, Guests could also buy here other native products made of coconuts, local  fruits and native delicacies.

Trek to the Waterfalls.  This is not just an ordinary trek. The pathway passes to a group of native huts made of  bamboo and palm leaves – the traditional Philippine house. Here, Guests are greeted by young men and women  wearing traditional costumes. Guests are free to explore the huts and their interior to know how typical families  live in the village. The path also passes through neatly lined orchards of fruit bearing trees, vegetables and   flowering plants which are endemic to the Philippines. The path leads to the beautiful cascading waterfalls.  

Philippine culinary experience. Just imagine yourself having sumptious lunch with the breath-taking sight of the waterfalls on the background and relaxing sound of gushing water soothing your feet as you lift your goblets with traditional Philippine rhum made of sugarcane for a toast to a memorable experience with Philippine nature, rich  culture, unique traditions and friendly smiles of Filipinos. Lunch includes Philippine traditional food, drinks and  desserts served on tables made of bamboo.

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